NEWS — October 7, 2019 — We found an ancient oasis on Mars! Our manuscript in Nature Geosciences on the discovery of salt deposits in Gale crater, Mars points to an era of fluctuating climate conditions and the likely presence of evaporative ponds some time before the red planet became the dry environment it is today. My NPR Interview and ASUNOW

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January 31, 2019 — Our publication in Science shows that Gale crater on Mars was not filled to the brim with sediments! — We used accelerometers in the rover wheels to measure gravitational accelerations along the traverse to figure this out. — NASA/JPL’s press release — My interview with NPR and Discover Magazine

October 17, 2018 — Don’t go to martian equatorial sand dunes looking for water! AGU’s EOS magazine published an article featuring our neutron experiments on Mars that prove active dunes are poor water reservoirs. Check out the special issue on our dune campaign here.